What’s Next for Conversational AI?

September 18, 2020

Conversational AI, as it stands today, is already helping brands and consumers around the world interact in a smarter, more efficient way. Unfortunately, one of the major downsides to conversational AI is its inconsistency across platforms. So, what's the solution?

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Bots Against Slavery

September 4, 2018

See how Seattle Against Slavery is fighting sex trafficking with chatbots that pose as sex trafficking victims and that interact directly with the buyers.

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8 Lessons from the World’s Most Famous Bots

August 21, 2018

New bots are built on the success of famous bots like ELIZA, A.L.I.C.E., and Jabberwacky. Keep in mind these 8 lessons other developers have learned from the original chatbots: create emotional connection, use NLP, map the user journey, solve pain points, and building conversational skills.

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Serverless Computing for Chatbot Maintenance

July 10, 2018

Hosting technology has gone from data centers to cloud computing and now to “serverless,” function-based computing. Here’s a look at the history of web hosting and what this bright future means for bot development in particular.

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Task Automation Bots: Problem-Solvers for Your Company

June 3, 2018

Task bots can do more than just notify you of something, they can also take actions, offer back-and-forth interactions to accomplish a task, or even provide information that otherwise took up valuable time. See how bots are removing time-consuming processes in HR, IT, recruiting, productivity, and sales.

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Service Chatbots: How Voice Recognition Is Making Them More Sophisticated

May 22, 2018

Voice recognition, combined with progress in deep learning and natural language processing, is allowing chatbots to respond based on understanding. Learn more about some of the challenges facing bot developers and what needs to be done so that bots may be able to replace humans for customer service interactions.

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