Best Twitter Bots to Follow in 2021

February 3, 2021

From regular folks to celebrities and presidents, Twitter hosts millions of tweets, retweets, and private messages exchanged by real users and, frequently, by Twitter bots. Let’s take a look at some of the best Twitter bots to follow in 2021.

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Some of the Best AI Stocks to Watch in 2021

November 10, 2020

There is a wide variety of technology stocks to choose from these days, as companies are using artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance their software and services. If you’re looking to place some of your investments in the boom of artificial intelligence, here are some of the best AI stocks to watch out for in 2021.

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Top Social Media Bots for 2021

October 23, 2020

Social media bots are algorithms that use artificial intelligence (AI) to simulate human behavior on social networks. Let's dive into their uses and the different types of social bots.

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4 Proven Ways to Get Your Bot Discovered

May 8, 2018

So you've built an awesome new chatbot, now what? You need to get your bot discovered and grow your user base. Marketplaces at Facebook Messenger, Discord and Slack are already bogged down with more than 100,000 bots. So how do you break through the noise and get your bot discovered?


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