What we're building at discover.bot

What we're building

Discover.bot is an online community for bot creators. Amazon Registry Services, Inc., created discover.bot to serve as a platform-agnostic digital space and bot resource for developers and enthusiasts of all skill levels to learn from one another, share their stories, and move the conversation forward together.

How we're creating a bot community

How we’re creating community

On its own, even a good idea isn’t always as powerful as it could be. But when a good idea is shared, it gains strength and momentum. It becomes capable of changing things, in ways both small and large. A good idea shared becomes an innovation.

Discover.bot aims to sit at the intersection of ideas and innovation. We want to help people turn their experiences, discoveries, stories, advice, and knowledge into part of a shared canon that moves everyone forward. For veterans and beginners alike, discover.bot is a place for learning, teaching, and talking.

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