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Use Cases for AI in Business

Conversational AI applies across industries—here are three examples outside of retail.

September 24, 2021

Conversational AI is a rapidly growing technology allowing consumers to get quick answers and make purchases from their favorite brands with previously unseen ease. Advancements in this technology also allows brands to reach more customers and offer improved levels of service, all in a way that is familiar and convenient— direct and instant messaging.

Consumers have seen retailers already embrace conversational AI, with many big brands allowing their customers to check on order status, arrange curbside pickup, buy goods, and much more all through messaging with their bot agents. However, retail isn’t the only sector where conversational AI is playing a big role. Here are three examples of different applications of conversational experiences that are expanding the common conception of AI-powered messaging into new arenas.


HSBC, one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organizations, uses Apple Business Chat to allow its customers to perform day-to-day banking transactions within the Messages app on any Apple device—all without having to download an additional app

Customers are able to move money, manage accounts, handle credit card transactions, and other digital banking assistance, all through messaging a virtual assistant built on LivePerson’s AI-powered messaging platform.

If a customer taps to call from their mobile device, Apple Business Chat offers up the option to start a messaging conversation instead. While seemingly simple, this addition to the customer service protocol is increasingly relevant and necessary for the banking and financial services industry as a whole. Over the past year, when shelter-in-place and social distancing requirements were put in place, conversation volume on LivePerson's Conversational Cloud platform jumped by 60% for financial services companies, meaning each customer who can be helped by a virtual assistant is directly helping free up already overwhelmed live agents.

Unlike waiting on hold for a call center agent to pick up the phone, customers who use AI-powered messaging can communicate with brands at their own pace and pick up conversations when it's convenient for them.


Spirit Airlines uses WhatsApp as a communication channel between customers and Spirit’s bilingual Guest Relations and Reservations teams, offering a new dimension to customer care in the travel industry.

Through a simple WhatsApp conversation, customers can choose to communicate with Spirit in either English or Spanish to perform all kinds of transactions; the bot is equipped to help with anything from getting flight time updates to adding a bag to a reservation. WhatsApp is a popular application in the United States, as well as the Caribbean and Latin America, making it a great channel to help elevate and improve the customer experience for Spirit.

Spirit also utilizes LivePerson’s Intent Manager, an AI-powered platform that analyzes customer messages and recommends the optimal next actions for live agents to take, such as content or moving customers to a virtual assistant, making them a useful internal tool for relieving pressure on live agents.

Small Business

Check out the video link here., the UK’s leading online business directory, allows local businesses to easily message with their customers around the clock and on the go. When someone using Yell finds a small business that has activated messaging, they’re presented with the option to start messaging with the business rather than call or email. Yell’s conversational AI bot, Hartley, can also assist customers with frequently asked questions before passing them through to their business of choice.

This LivePerson-powered service provides Yell’s customers with easier, greater access to sophisticated messaging technology that could otherwise be out of reach for small- and medium-sized businesses due to cost or integration challenges. It also benefits both local businesses and consumers by connecting them through a familiar, common messaging channel they already use every day.

Conversational AI has the ability to be applied to a wide variety of uses across many industries.. From secure banking transactions and smooth travel experiences to connecting with local businesses, conversational AI helps companies engage and provide service to customers in a fast, convenient way.