AI, NLG, and Machine Learning

The Top 6 AI Events and Conferences for 2021

Machine learning and AI are among the top emerging business trends in the world, so let's dive into this year’s top AI events and top AI conferences around the globe that showcase these groundbreaking technologies.

By Kendall Hirst
March 1, 2021

As one of the top emerging industries in the world, artificial intelligence (AI) is progressing at an amazing rate and making waves in the realm of technology and beyond. As AI continues to grow and push boundaries, conferences and events offer yearly updates and educate attendees on its many uses and benefits.

Each year, international conferences educate the AI community and accelerate its growth, and this has led to major breakthroughs in a large variety of industries. Although many of 2020’s AI events took place virtually due to COVID-19, 2021 brings hope that many organizations around the world can return to physical events. Check out the following list of the top AI conferences—both virtual and in-person-that you should consider in 2021.

*Given the unpredictable effects of COVID-19, please check event websites often to verify any changes for the dates and locations of these events.

Machine Learning Prague

Date: February 26–28, 2021
Location: Virtual
Target industries and audience: Computer software, analytics, technology

Machine Learning Prague is the largest machine learning conference in Europe, involving the top minds in the industry. The conference centers on the practical applications and implications of machine learning, AI, and deep learning. It features François Chollet, author of the Keras Python network, and Dr. Hamed Valizadegan of NASA. If you’re looking to diversify your thinking on the machine learning process, this event is sure to offer informative insights, since it brings together experts from organizations as diverse as McKinsey and the University of Copenhagen.

AI & Big Data Expo Global

Date: March 17–18, 2021
Location: Virtual
Target industries and audience: Entrepreneurs, marketing, technology, business development

The AI & Big Data Expo Global is often described as the “leading artificial intelligence and big data conference and exhibition event” for many reasons. The expo showcases the next-generation enterprise technologies and strategies from the world of artificial intelligence and big data, providing an opportunity to explore and discover their successful implementation to take a business to the next level. Along with a series of thoughtful insights from its arsenal of industry experts, the expo hosts more than 500 speakers with AI expertise.

This event features presentations that explore:
- Business intelligence
- Deep learning
- Machine learning
- AI algorithms
- Virtual assistants

AI in Healthcare & Pharma Virtual Summit

Organization: Rework
Date: March 25–26, 2021
Location: Virtual
Target industries and audience: AI technologists, healthcare professionals

Rework creates and organizes globally renowned summits that include some of the brightest minds in AI. Known for bridging the gap between the latest technological research advancements and real-world applications in business and society, Rework hosts AI in Healthcare & Pharma Virtual Summit. This event brings together decision-makers and C-level executives who leverage AI to increase productivity and to improve the efficiency of care delivery. This summit explores breakthroughs in technological advances and the healthcare industry. It gathers industry experts, academics, and healthcare professionals, diving into AI’s impact on every step of the patient journey—from diagnosis to treatment.

The summit takes place online. In an effort to optimize the virtual experience, attendees have access to a selection of networking opportunities, a live Q&A, and complementary presentations.

AI in Finance & RegTech Virtual Summit

Organization: Rework
Date: April 14–15, 2021
Location: Virtual
Target industries and audience: Finance, business and development, and technology

More than 700 guests and 150 speakers plan to attend Rework’s annual AI in Finance & RegTech Virtual Summit, which is offered virtually this year. Although AI encompasses a variety of industries, this summit focuses on practical examples that apply AI to challenges in the field of finance.

The event covers the following financial topics:

- Investment
- Pattern recognition
- Stock market prediction
- Compliance
- Financial forecasting
- Retail finance
- Robo advisors
- Neural networks

World Data Summit

Date: May 19–21, 2021
Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Target industries and audience: Business development, computer software, technology, marketing, and social media

The World Data Summit is GIA Global Group’s largest event for data professionals around the world. As the challenges faced by growing data companies in the business industry change and evolve every day, the business environment becomes increasingly reliant on data analytics. This summit delves into the topics that help businesses grow and increase their data knowledge.

The two-day conference covers the following topics:

- Regulations on user data usage
- Data governance trends
- New trends in data visualization
- Social networks and AI
- Machine learning for human rights

The Responsible AI Forum

Date: December 2021
Location: Munich
Target industries and audience: Government, academia, civics, business, and development

Originally scheduled in 2020, (RAIF) was rescheduled to December 2021 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The forum differs from other conferences in that it focuses on cultivating a sustainable and comprehensive framework for the future of AI. Speakers from a range of backgrounds, including academia, civil society, government, and industry, make this one of the top AI conferences of the year.

As we dive into 2021, there are a multitude of uncertainties and unknowns in the world of AI and beyond. With the promise of a new vaccine, the possibility of the return of in-person events is encouraging hope across industries, including artificial intelligence and machine learning. As we look toward a brighter future, the prospect of a year of new and informative AI and machine learning events promises to bring together business leaders and those in the data industry to facilitate innovative ideas in artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.