What are the Best Squarespace Chatbots?

The SaaS company Squarespace has been helping creatives build and manage websites for years. Thinking about adding a bot? Here are some of the best Squarespace chatbots to help level up your site!

By Adam Westin
July 21, 2020

Experienced Squarespace website owners know that creating a genuine user experience is essential. In addition to updating site design, optimizing images, and using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, one of the critical points in improving a site’s stats (such as time users spend on the website, pages’ bounce rate, and ultimately, site conversions) is to design a pleasant user flow.

Enter the chatbot! Designed to talk to customers online, chatbots offer several features and possibilities and can be developed into powerful marketing tools. By adding live chat to your site, you can provide your visitors with instant answers, engage leads and customers, and help increase conversions.

Following are three Squarespace chatbots that can enhance the user experience on your site.

1. Instabot

Instabot is one of the best Squarespace chatbots out there. Instabot is a conversion chatbot that “understands” the user. A smart chatbot leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) functionality and natural language processing (NLP), Instabot is able to gain knowledge quickly and to answer hundreds of questions over time. Its core features include the ability to curate information, field questions, and capture contacts, making it an ideal Squarespace chatbot.

Instabot can help increase conversions by specifically targeting language to different audience demographics, curating information for each user. Visitors get the information they need without having to comb through the entire site. You can also trigger Instabot to interact with users while they’re on your site at key points in the process. Instabot can promote key content, answer questions in real time, and direct users to the right pages. The bot qualifies users and leverages live chat to help convert visitors into customers.

Instabot gathers preferences and demographics from anonymous users so you can nurture them throughout the sales funnel. You can then leverage that data to curate the user experience and personalize your marketing strategies. Easily export user contact information, demographic data, and preferences from user profiles to Excel, and use this data for future campaign targeting.

Instabot gathers over 33 percent more leads than contact forms do. Rather than filling out an entire form, Instabot gathers customer data (like an email address) and builds the customer profile over time. Instabot can also help improve your sales process by automatically qualifying leads, alerting the sales team when leads are on your site, and routing various leads to different sales teams, depending on their conversations.

Instabot is user friendly and easy to build, manage, and edit. Its customization features allow it to fit seamlessly into your Squarespace site. After it’s built and designed, you can target messaging based on user location, preferences, demographics, and more. And you can deploy the chatbot after a specific time or action (for example, on a 30-second delay, scroll down 30 percent of the page). Or you can use the live chat just on nights and weekends, when your team isn’t available to answer questions.

2. Engage

Engage lives up to its name. Its Live Chat dashboard is an HTML5, browser-based interface that you log in to and use to initiate relationships with your web-based visitors—anywhere and anytime. Engage helps you maintain continuity in your relationships with visitors, prospects, customers, and clients by allowing you to share your online status, manage real-time conversations in text, track your conversations, and monitor performance analytics.

Engage equips website visitors with a way to make quick and convenient contact with you, helping to improve response times and the overall customer experience. When you’re online, customers are given the option to initiate a conversation with you. Your live status is presented to customers by installing customized Engage widgets on your Squarespace website, either by injecting the embed code in your site footer or just on the pages where you want the chat to appear. Your dashboard will alert you to new incoming sales conversations and data created by Engage, such as your chat logs, which can be exported to your preferred customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Engage works with sales and service-oriented businesses in a variety of industries, including e-commerce, healthcare, banking and financial, auto dealers, travel agents, and more. With a multitude of options and a user-friendly interface, it offers a more personalized way to connect with web-based customers, helping to build relationships and increase engagement.

3. Pure Chat

Rounding out our list of the best Squarespace chatbots is Pure Chat, a live chat and visitor tracking software that helps small businesses talk to more website visitors, message multiple leads and customers at once, and improve conversions. It’s ideal for sales and marketing teams that are looking to connect with website visitors throughout the customer lifecycle by leveraging data and insights from chat conversations and user behaviors to provide a more personalized experience.

Pure Chat’s live chat software enables you to have conversations with your website visitors and to gather additional details through real-time visitor analytics and contact history. These complementary tools offer valuable insights into traffic trends, user experience, marketing campaign effectiveness, and more. This information can also be leveraged to identify promising leads. The visitor alerts feature and trigger-based chat functionality can be used to capitalize on your most qualified prospects, potentially resulting in increased sales.

Other key features of Pure Chat include advanced widget customization, unlimited chat historical transcripts, chat alerts, ready responses for frequently asked questions, and an engagement hub.

To put it simply, adding a chatbot to your Squarespace website can help turn browsing into action. Chatbots and live chat can elevate the customer service level and deliver a personalized experience that is in high demand—and personalization is key to turning a prospect into a customer and a first-timer into a returner. And, as more consumers prefer to interact with them, it’s essential to integrate a chatbot into your Squarespace website.