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The 4 Best Shopping Bots For The Holiday Season

Enhance your online holiday shopping experience this year with the use of chatbots. Let's take a look at the best shopping bots that are changing the face of retail during the busiest time of the year!

By Kendall Hirst
December 16, 2020

The rise of artificial intelligence chatbots in the world of e-commerce has transformed the way we interact with businesses and altered customer expectations. By creating responses and conversations that are more complex, chatbots can now provide personalized shopping experiences that make the process more enjoyable for the consumer.

As the world continues to navigate through the pandemic, customers are looking to have a safe holiday shopping experience that will allow them to minimize their exposure to Covid-19 and avoid overly-crowded stores. This is why it is more important than ever to leverage technology and resources such as shopping bots in order to handle everything from customer service communications to product discoverability in order to make this year’s shopping experience as smooth as possible.

Shopping bot programs have become a major player in both the AI and e-commerce industries by helping with the transition to automating both the processes and systems that support customer service teams. These bots are assisting retailers in fostering a more positive shopping experience and helping improve interactions with the customer. And as we navigate through Covid-19, more and more consumers are shopping via social media, which has made conversational commerce an essential marketing tactic for e-commerce brands to reach their target audiences.

Shopping bots have the ability to do what humans don’t have the time during this busy season — tirelessly search the internet for the best deals and products, saving consumers both money and time. But with so many shopping bots now on the web, especially during the holiday season, it can be hard to decipher which ones will best serve your needs. Let’s take a look at our round-up of the top four best shopping bots to ease your holiday season needs:


If you are to give the gift of a vacation this holiday season, there are hundreds of airfare and hotel options available on different sites, but Snaptravel has come up with a solution that makes the whole process as painless and smooth as possible for users. The booking travel website created a consulting chatbot (available on Messenger and WhatsApp) that’s able to find a perfect holiday offer. The Snaptravel chatbot will search for hundreds of offers based on the data provided, such as budget, city or personal preferences, and will give back the most suitable offers. The entire Snaptravel process is straightforward and easy-to-use.


RooBot, a bot created by Blue Kangaroo, enables users to search for millions of items. This gives customers an easy way to compare different retail store options, price hunt, set alerts for price drops, and save the item for future purchasing. The bot also guides users through its catalog with different suggestions, conversational prompts, and clickable menus.


One of the more exciting shopping bots for the trendy fashion lovers this holiday season is probably CelebStyle, which allows users to find products based on the celebrities they admire. The CelebStyle bot opens up the conversation by asking, “Which celeb’s style do you want to see?” and then provides a host of visually-driven results.

This particular bot can be used as the perfect tool in assisting a customer in finding an exact replica of an item that they’ve seen on their favorite public figure.


The Masha.Ai is a comprehensive shopping assistant platform that works with almost 600 international brands (that includes Nike, Swarovski, Under Armour, ASOS and TopShop), and offers consultancy within more than 50 product categories. According to Frederik Van Lierde, CEO and founder of, “the goal is to shorten the time that consumers need to do their shopping, which after all is an integral part of our lives and the world we live in. The uniqueness of this solution lies in the fact that it’s driven by the customer’s needs and not by potential profits from manipulating positioning of brands.”

The future of artificial intelligence in e-commerce

Considering the above information, we can reasonably conclude that chatbots are on the road to redefining the future of e-commerce. As the retail industry expands rapidly and largely, a range of retail businesses are adopting innovative measures to catch up with the ever-growing demands of consumers, and adjusting to the overall effects of the pandemic. Chatbots will continue to revolutionize e-commerce as they cater and evolve to the needs of the consumer, and show promise of becoming the future of online shopping and retail customer service.