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Discover Rythm Bots for Discord

Want to spice up your Discord server? You’ve come to the right place. Rythm bots for Discord servers are made specifically for music, and they’re sure to add beats that your audience will enjoy.

By Adam Westin
September 19, 2019

What is a Rythm bot?

In its simplest form, Rythm is a music bot that filters a queue of music after a playlist is set up. Its goal is to be the best at delivering high performance and quality music by ensuring stability of use and providing music functionalities for an ultimate music bot experience.

What is Discord?

Rythm lives on Discord, a server that specializes in maximizing productivity. Discord fetches important data, delivers notifications, schedules events, and moderates conversations—all at the same time. Discord servers were originally designed for gamers, but now they can be built out for online voice and text conversations. With Discord, anyone can create a server to host discussions about anything. It becomes a platform for community engagement, and Rythm bots can increase user engagement by adding music.

Other Discord successes include integration with Xbox One. Discord users can connect their Discord profile to Xbox One with new Discord integration technology and see what their friends are playing—or just chat. Although there are some limitations, integration has increased Discord capabilities from a gaming standpoint. And, with Rythm added to Discord, users can not only chat with other gamers but they can also play music in those chats. These are benefits that all gamers can enjoy.

How does Rythm bot make your Discord better?

Rythm offers features that administrators can use to better engage their communities. For example, when building out a playlist, the Rythm bot can pull music from multiple sources, including YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitch, Vimeo, and Mixer. This allows administrators to curate the best songs for their playlists. After a playlist is built out, the Rythm bot can automatically add music to the queue when it’s empty. This provides music around the clock—even when the administrator is not manually queuing up songs. While listening to songs, users can also access lyrics. Rythm provides a lag-free listening experience for users.

It also gives administrators the ability to customize the user experience. The Rythm bot also allows for customization of the server prefix from the standard “!” to any character. Another added bonus is that an administrator can connect multiple servers to the Rythm bot software to maximize listening among different user groups.

Because Rythm is simple to integrate on a Discord server, it’s a quick way to increase user engagement. The Rythm bot is all about music and bringing added entertainment to users on the platform. Discord servers are already set up to build community within gamers, and the Rythm bot takes it a step further. This is one bot you don’t want to miss out on.