Chatbot Development, Chatbots, Thought Leadership Partner Spotlight: XAPP AI

We spoke with our partner XAPP AI to learn more about their work creating Conversational AI experiences.

November 3, 2022

Get to Know XAPP AI

We spoke with partner, XAPP AI, an AWS conversational AI partner that operates with the mission of creating Conversational AI experiences people want to use.

The XAPP AI platform is a centralized management platform that works to provide control and consistency, with AI that is available to all companies, small and larger. Their Optimal Conversation Studio ™ leverages Amazon Web Services to bring leading Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered search into a user-friendly platform, powering low-code and no-code solutions by combining the strengths of intelligent search and conversational AI across search, chat, text messaging and voice channels.

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What role does XAPP AI play in empowering brand’s customer services?

XAPP leverages AI to surface relevant and accurate responses across many channels, assisting digital-first consumers. Our solution reduces the volume of calls to customer service, allowing the agents to focus on the cases that truly need their attention.

What makes XAPP AI unique compared to other competing self-service providers?

XAPP began our conversational AI solution by cutting our teeth on the most difficult conversational channel in voice. We’ve been able to take those learnings and offer an omnichannel solution like no other organization. All channels can be deployed and easily managed through our platform Optimal Conversation™ Studio.

How do you ensure that customers receive a personalized experience through your products?

Our industry models allow us to provide a personalized experience by understanding that consumers typically research before buying or taking action. Consumers don’t want the first communication to ask for name and contact info. We help organizations build trust at the early stages of the conversation by understanding intents, we can switch to lead capture or other actions at the appropriate time when the consumer is ready.

What are the key benefits that companies experience when using your AI services to improve sales?

We help sales organizations with efficiency by answering questions and qualifying the consumer in the early stage of the buying journey. Once they self qualify, our lead capture kicks in, routing the consumer to the correct sales person with the full transcript of the conversation. This allows a better understanding of the consumer’s needs and a more focused conversation leading to closing the deal faster.

Learn more about XAPP AI and check out XAPP Labs, their research and development portal on their site. Stay tuned for more partner spotlights on our blog.