Chatbot Development, Chatbots, Thought Leadership Partner Spotlight: TensorIoT

We spoke with our partner TensorIoT to learn more about their work empowering users by connecting smart devices through their world-class expertise in serverless, IoT, and AI.

October 19, 2022

Get to Know TensorIoT

We spoke with our partner TensorIoT to learn more about their work empowering users by connecting smart devices through their world-class expertise in serverless, IoT, and AI.

TensorIoT is a software solution provider that improves a brands’ customer service systems by adding full multichannel implementation that can integrate with existing CRMs to drive value, providing self-service and automation capabilities. Their solutions automate the deployment of IVR (interactive voice response) and routing to reduce the load on live agents, all while implementing a seamless handoff to agents using keyword monitoring in communication channels and identifying trends for improved call routing and flow. They also provide chat and agent support through websites and text.

TensorIot was founded with the mission of helping customers adopt innovative technologies to drive automation, efficiency, and new products, as well as upskilling partners to help them understand the complete vision and how their new tools fit into an integrated ecosystem.

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What makes TensorIoT unique compared to other competing self-service providers?

We’re cloud/data-focused and during the consulting process, we work with clients to create solutions that integrate seamlessly into the larger structure of the company. Additionally, we use machine learning to enhance solutions and provide additional value beyond the core solution.

What is the biggest challenge encountered today in implementing technology to alleviate customer pain points?

Our greatest challenge is helping teams understand how far the technology has progressed to really drive a full buy-in into cloud and machine learning technologies. We accommodate this by working backward with customers to understand their pain points and find the right solution to meet their needs.

What are the top unique product offerings that TensorIoT provides to its clients?

We provide integrations with a Natural Language search engine that can pull information from multiple sources/FAQs that are managed by business stakeholders, enabling automated information ingestion into the automated contact center. We also create a feedback loop where existing customer interactions are automatically used to improve the quality of future interactions.

How can AI automation streamline operational challenges with the clients you work with and what are the key benefits?

AI can help provide self-service options to our client's customers to offload repetitive workflows from their staff. AI can also help our client’s productivity by automating tasks that are typically done manually such as data entry, labeling, auditing, etc.

Companies experience smoother customer journeys with key metrics that are tracked to provide actionable insights to improve their overall service or product further.

What considerations should companies be mindful of when implementing conversational AI assistants to improve customer service?

Companies should consider the importance of good conversational design, the impact of personalization, and knowing what the end user's goals and intentions are. Conversational AI assistants are a constantly evolving product and as long as users continue to interact with the bot, there will be more data to further improve the bot and customer experience.

How do you measure success with your clients/partners?

We measure success through satisfied customers and repeat business! On a specific project level, we target customer KPIs through the adoption of automation, the reduction of customer touchpoints and manual interactions, and the ability of customers to understand and build roadmaps using AI and Machine Learning.
Learn more about TensorIoT and check out their success stories on their site. Stay tuned for more partner spotlights on our blog.