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3 Creative Bots to Spice Up Your Kahoot! Quizzes (without Cheating)!

If you aren't familiar with Kahoot, we have whipped up some bot extensions to add spice to your learning experience and make it more of your own (without cheating)!

By Adam Westin
November 20, 2020

Now that so many classes are taking place online, teachers and students alike are using new and creative ways to simulate classroom participation and to keep all parties engaged in the learning experience. One particular tool that many are using is the popular online quiz app Kahoot!

What is Kahoot!?

In essence, Kahoot! is a game-based learning platform that facilitates the sharing and creation of learning games and interactive quizzes that multiple parties can play simultaneously. It’s among the most popular game-based learning platforms, with 70 million monthly active unique users, and is used by 50 percent of K–12 students in the United States. After a quiz has begun, students can join from their laptops or mobile devices.

Teachers can use this tool to test their students’ knowledge while also introducing some friendly competition in the classroom. People have also taken to using the tool in social settings, making quizzes for their friends and doing them together online, which has been incredibly beneficial, since many people remain at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although it’s already a fun and interactive way to make lectures more interesting, we've found three new and exciting Kahoot! bot extensions that can change how you and your friends interact with each other—without breaking the rules.

Alexa Kahoot Bot

The Alexa Kahoot Bot is an app for Amazon Alexa devices. After it’s downloaded to an Alexa device, this bot serves a dual function. First, it harnesses Alexa's vocal recognition features to recognize your voice and let you join a game. Just make sure to have the game pin handy, since you’ll have to read it to Alexa to join the right one. Second, after the bot enters, it randomly generates a fake first name and answers questions randomly throughout the game. It may not win the quiz, but it's a fun way to prank your friends or to bring a little humor to your classroom without ruining the game for everyone.

2. Kahoot AntiBot

Some people have started using the platform for more mischievous pranks, going so far as to download Kahoot! bot extensions that spam the game until it crashes or becomes too slow to play. Although people have complained to Kahoot!, there aren't many ways to prevent these scheming botters from disrupting your quiz. That's where Kahoot AntiBot comes to the rescue. After you follow the simple installation instructions, this bot runs for the duration of your game. Whenever it’s on, it can identify and remove bots in quizzes, autolock your game if bots begin to spam you, and even add fun elements to the game. For anyone running Kahoot! for a large group, this add-on is a must-have.

If you're still worried about bots interfering with your questions, this antibot program also has a few suggestions for preventing them. These include enabling two-factor authentication and enabling friendly names. These measures, combined with your antibot, can help keep your quizzes locked up tighter than Fort Knox.

3. Kahoot! Discord Bot

For most young students, Discord has become the new messaging tool of choice. Allowing its participants to make servers and separate them into different group chats, Discord is a powerful app to use to connect. For anyone with a server set up for their friends, family, or classmates, the Kahoot! Discord Bot is essential. This bot is multipurpose, filled with different tools that all Kahoot! lovers can appreciate. It can trawl live Kahoot! games and quizzes, sending your server a message every time it finds one that you and your friends can join. Beyond this, the bot can build a quiz for you and your friends based on potential quiz questions that you submit and even has a leaderboard where everyone can track their rankings. As far as bots in Kahoot! go, this Kahoot! bot extension adds enough features to keep anyone entertained for weeks.

The effects of using this learning tool are limitless, especially given the increasing use of bots and technology for educational purposes. As more and more people use platforms like Kahoot! to improve daily activities and to add excitement to the routine stay-at-home orders, we expect more advances to come in the future.