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Miracle Mile Jules Is the Archetype for Customer Experience Chatbots

Miracle Mile Jules is a customer experience chatbot designed to engage with shoppers at the Miracle Mile Shops mall in Las Vegas.

By Adrienne Morgan
January 14, 2020

What better way to engage shoppers than a helpful chatbot with a personality?

Jules, installed at the Miracle Mile Shops mall in Las Vegas, is a customer experience chatbot designed to do exactly that and more. Utilizing a deep knowledge base designed by conversational AI experts, Jules is able to act as an all-knowing resource to shoppers who happen to stop by and ask her a question.

Loaded with over 350 response variables, she is prepared for the wide variety of curve balls that are often thrown by skeptics looking to test the limits of conversational AI.

Raising awareness

Advertisements for Jules are placed all over the mall. They feature a human model meant to personify the customer experience chatbot, along with a text blurb that reads, “Have questions? Text me at 702.766.6686.” Jules is able to respond to user queries over text or through Facebook Messenger and will soon be able to provide detailed, location-specific answers based on where a shopper is currently positioned in the mall.

For instance, if you were to ask Jules, “How do I get from the food court to Foot Locker?” she would be able to provide step-by-step directions and incorporate your real-time feedback to ensure that the directions are as accurate as possible.

Customer experience chatbots
Bots will soon be a significant part of customer experience at the mall.

The chatbot was developed by Satisfi Labs, an artificial intelligence firm that created a similar customer experience chatbot for Mall of America. In an interview with the Las Vegas Review Journal, Satisfi Labs CEO Don White prophesied that bots like Jules will only continue to proliferate, saying, “I think the future is really moving towards this. We probably have about 10 or so malls now. That’s actually a vertical we are going to focus on in 2020.”

Although Jules serves a core purpose of acting as a virtual concierge to shoppers, she also serves a secondary purpose as a living advertisement for Satisfi Labs’s bot-building technology. According to White, he has already received interest from potential new clients based on the success of Jules.

The role of machine learning

Although large-scale updates are planned over the course of the next year, Jules uses a combination of machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and manual tweaks to become continually more intelligent and responsive. Interestingly enough, she is also helping the mall to learn the interests of customers and what kind of shopping experiences they are seeking. The mall features a vast array of stores, but there are still quite a few options that are not available.

So, when a customer asks Jules about a store that is not on the property, this information is sent to the Miracle Mile Shops mall leasing team, which adds it to a list of potential stores to consider incorporating in the future.

For example, if you were to ask Jules where to find the Ghirardelli shop in the mall, she’d let you know that there’s no such store at Miracle Mile Shops mall just yet. However, your query has just increased the chances that there might be a Ghirardelli shop springing up at the mall sooner than you think.

A talking advertisement

Jules also offers the existing stores at Miracle Mile Shops mall an interesting opportunity. She can advertise specific offerings, including discounts and sales, and weave them into the conversations that she’s having with customers.

Customer experience chatbots
Bots can advertise to you while you shop.

More generally, she acts as a draw to the mall itself and a reason for customers to visit. To many, artificial intelligence is still a new and novel concept. A bot that helps you shop seems like something straight out of Back to the Future II. Because Jules’s status as a virtual concierge is an attraction on its own, customers may consider visiting Miracle Mile instead of competitors—just for an opportunity to test out the technology.

The future of customer experience chatbots

One of the most important takeaways from the development and rollout of Jules is that companies are now, more than ever, willing to invest in chatbots and AI to enhance the customer experience. Chatbots may not have had the best reputation in the past, in terms of ease of use, but they have since made a comeback and are now positioned as the future of direct-to-consumer marketing.

The success of Jules tells us that users still prefer their chatbots to have a human aspect—her conversational style is casual, and her personification as a human model has been a prominent aspect of the technology’s advertisement. Only time will tell the long-term viability of customer experience chatbots such as Jules. But, for now, the future is looking artificial.