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How HR Chatbots Streamline Internal Operations

Taking the human out of human resources is the future of internal operations. HR chatbots are here to streamline.

By Adam Westin
January 7, 2020

In an age of digital transformation, companies are always looking for the next great technology to streamline their business functions.

Most recently, human resources (HR) departments have been on the brink of new technological changes. Responsible for a company’s most important asset—its employees—it’s no surprise that HR departments are beginning to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots into their services.

HR chatbots
HR bots could soon disrupt traditional human resources.

HR chatbots, automated software designed to imitate human conversational interactions, are programmed into messaging systems and websites to ease communication. Although it may seem ironic that HR chatbots are entering human resources, this software is proving to be greatly beneficial for businesses.

These digital assistants are enhancing HR services to increase productivity, ease communication, support employees, and much more.

New talent

The modern human resources department deals with a multitude of things at once. From answering candidates’ questions to the initial screening of potential new hires, automating these processes can save businesses a considerable amount of time and money.

One of the main issues that chatbots can resolve is repetition. Large companies have a substantial volume of new applicants, many with similar questions. HR chatbots are programmed to filter through these questions and to provide relevant responses, creating a better candidate experience. Additionally, HR chatbots are able to remove unnecessary steps in the recruiting process.

They are easing the process for HR professionals by creating an automated system to read through applications and to ask screening questions of potential new employees.


Many companies have also praised HR bots for their ability to reduce repetition during the onboarding process, which can be long and repetitive from employee to employee, as new talent joins a company.

HR chatbots
Onboarding can be time-consuming and repetitive.

With HR chatbots, new employees can ask questions and receive real-time responses on a variety of topics, including new-hire paperwork, training programs, company policies, and other related information.

The time that HR teams would have previously spent answering tedious questions can now be put toward other, more personable, human resources tasks, thus increasing HR departments’ productivity.

24/7 Support

Humans sleep. Computers don’t.

HR chatbots offer a resource for around-the-clock assistance. With the automatization of chatbots, employees are able to get responses after standard business hours.

And chatbots are able to walk employees through HR processes, answer questions, and provide relevant resources.

HR chatbots
What could you do with 24/7 internal support?

Instead of waiting to hear back from an HR team member, employees get instant responses.

Questions regarding PTO and company policies can be answered in real time. Data from conversations is logged and collected, making it easy for the HR department to analyze frequently asked questions and to improve the bots’ future responses.

Employee engagement

Employee engagement is top of mind for most—if not all—human resources departments. By using chatbots, companies can see significant growth in employee engagement. For example, one key area that HR chatbots can improve is that of performance reviews.

Whether working with self or peer evaluations, employees are able to quickly answer questions put forth by the bot, creating a streamline of feedback. The data is gathered in real time and can be accessed by HR professionals for review.

This creates far more opportunities to hear from current employees and to improve the efficiency of various departments.

Not only does this technology provide a simple way for employees to relay anonymous feedback and gather performance evaluation reviews, but it also creates a simple way for employees to receive recognition from peers.

The future of automated HR

Adopting artificial intelligence chatbots in the workplace is an exciting change for any business.

However, relying on this sort of AI technology can be an intimidating thing at first.

HR bots develop over time with machine learning, and the more they are used, the more beneficial and seamless they become.

Think of this technology as a personalized HR assistant, with constant accessibility, that can prove to be extremely useful in enhancing your human resources department.

HR chatbots are on the rise in many aspects of business, and human resources—and the employees it serves—will surely benefit from this technology.