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Conversational AI in Action: NLX partner NLX set out to streamline password reset help desk traffic for LifeMiles, a consumer loyalty program, with more than 9 million members, by implementing their solution Voice Compass ® in partnerships with Amazon Web Services.

October 5, 2022

Conversational AI In Action: NLX

Did you know that an estimated 20 to 50% of all help desk calls are for password resets? The average help desk labor cost for a single password reset is about $70. partner NLX set out to streamline this issue for LifeMiles, a consumer loyalty program, with more than 9 million members, by implementing their solution Voice Compass ® in partnerships with Amazon Web Services. This fix not only helped LifeMiles to take the pressure off of live call center agents by helping them focus on more difficult inquiries, but offered customers a frictionless way to reset their passwords. Keep reading to learn more about this project and take a look at the full case study here.

The Challenge

LifeMiles has numerous commercial partners that allow members to earn and use their LifeMiles on everyday payments using an Avianca LifeMiles credit or debit card. Avianca’s LifeMiles found that their call centers were experiencing significant password reset call traffic and wanted a customer self-service solution with no wait time, personalization, 24/7 availability, and customer self-pacing abilities. This was where Voice Compass by NLX came in with a strategic solution to their problem.

The Solution

Within the first few minutes of the meeting with LifeMiles, NLX knew that an accessible AI service like Voice Compass was the best solution for the brand and its members. They needed a medium that could serve as a virtual assistant to alleviate the current call traffic and set up a simple and effective customer-friendly process to answer customers' inquiries.

NLX’s top service, Voice Compass is a multimodal conversational application that uniquely combines Voice with Digital assets to deliver a self-paced and voice-guided customer experience by automating support tasks that typically require live agent handling.

When a customer calls into LifeMiles, a Voice Assistant greets them. The Voice Assistant asks how it can help the customer, and when a password reset is requested, the Voice Assistant offers the customer the opportunity to reset their password on their mobile device. The Voice Assistant then guides the customer through the process live, supplementing on-screen prompts on the customer’s mobile device.

How They Built It

Password Reset is one of the most common uses of NLX’s Voice Compass tool, and one of the easiest to build, especially when the client already has an AWS account.

The experience starts with a Smart IVR contact center. Once the Smart IVR understands that the caller is looking to reset their password, it engages Voice Compass by NLX service, which then texts the caller an SMS with a link to LifeMiles’ website. The Voice Assistant over the phone continues to stay engaged while the caller navigates the LifeMiles website, guiding them to completion.

NLX used the following Amazon services to help implement the Voice Compass tool: Amazon Connect, Amazon Pinpoint, Amazon Lex, AWS Lambda, and Amazon API Gateway.

This solution was implemented in April 2021 and was not only able to drive password reset automation up by double digits, but it also uncovered opportunities for improving the user experience on the website thanks to the analytics provided by the Conversations by NLX platform. Learn how our partner NLX is transforming the customer contact experience by visiting their site, and stay tuned for more case studies highlighting Amazon’s partners on our blog.