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Coding Your Bot: Do You Need to Learn Python?

Python is an ideal language for programming chatbots because it has functions that other coding languages don’t. We discuss the benefits of coding a bot in Python in this article.

September 28, 2020

Learning how to code, in any capacity, is a difficult yet rewarding journey, although sometimes it seems like what you learned last year is no longer relevant this year. Bot coding requires the use of an ever-evolving language dedicated to refining processes and maximizing program performance. In the world of bot coding, there is a language that is rising to the top as among one of the most versatile—Python.

Why Python?

Speed is always a major factor when creating a new program. The faster you can code a bot and get it running, the more reward you receive for the time you spent. Python has many benefits that other coding languages don’t have, and these make it ideal for programming chatbots.

Python’s built-in workflow allows for troubleshooting programs while developing your bot code. The edit/test/debug cycle makes Python reliable and efficient. Here are some of the many reasons why you should put in the time to learn Python for your bot coding endeavors.

  • HTTP requests
    Python’s request module allows developers to easily gather content from a URL. This process is very important for creating a realistic conversational chatbot. Other coding programs require lengthy codes to accomplish the same content-grab request.
  • Natural language processing (NLP)
    If you’ve ever looked at bot written in Java or C++, you might think you were watching a scene from The Matrix. Learning any language can be a challenge, but the Python coding language is intuitive. And this has opened up the world to developers who want to create simple yet functional bots.
  • Transferable coding
    Certain coding languages work best in particular industries. With Python, you can code for any industry. Not only can you develop chatbots, but also you can open career doors with your Python skills, and this will come in handy when you want that next great project or job. Plus, Python runs the same code on Linux, macOS, and Windows.

Due to its extreme versatility and open source library, Python could be considered a do-it-all bot coding language. With consistent syntax and natural language, Python has made a name for itself as among the easiest coding languages for beginners to learn.

Do I need to learn Python?

To begin coding a bot, you may not need to learn Python right away. But to keep up with the increase in bot demand and to stay at the forefront of your industry, it is important to understand Python as the standard language that is driving the bot movement.

With that said, if you are a beginner or just want a simple chatbot, a DIY platform may work best for you. Bot building platforms allow you to drag and drop features into your chatbot. Although this process eliminates the need to know coding, customization is limited.

If you have some coding knowledge, you can use it to construct a bot. The workflow in other programming languages may be a little more arduous than that of Python. You’ll have to decide if the time saved working with Python is worth the time spent learning it. Luckily, if you already know a coding language like Java, the transfer into using Python for bot coding will be relatively simple.

How to program with Python

For those who are looking to enter into the world of coding, there are multiple tutorials online to teach you everything you need to know. Python also provides a large, open-source library of codes and free program examples. You can begin to learn how to program with Python by studying some of these preexisting Python projects.

There are some great guidelines provided by Python to help you get started. For beginners, it is important to check which IDE and text edit software will work best for your first experiments with coding. After you grasp the basics, you can move on to more graphic elements such as aesthetics and object-oriented programming. These PEP 8 guidelines from can lead you through customizing and styling your chatbot.

In summary, Python offers one of the best paths and support networks to help you efficiently create your ideal bot coding project. However, despite how powerful and universal Python is, it is not the only language you can program your bot with. We recommend you to spend some time evaluating all the options that can best fit your needs in order to successfully learn bot coding and launch your personalized bot to the public.