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The Most Popular Bots in Social Media Marketing

AI and chatbots are powerful tools for developing a brand's social media presence. Read more to learn which brands are best utilizing chatbot marketing and to find out how to take advantage of social media bots.

June 23, 2021

How bots are changing social media marketing

Any business owner in 2021 should already be aware that social media is an absolute essential for a brand hoping to make its mark—no matter the industry. Although this presence can look different for each organization, there's one constant that users always expect—a quick and reliable customer experience. Fortunately, social media bots provide businesses with exciting new tools to allow higher levels of customer engagement, and companies are taking this opportunity to reach their users in new and unique ways.

However, for certain industry leaders, bots are used for more than increasing customer engagement and brand awareness. They’re also pushing the envelope on the future of chatbots for companies and consumers alike. The following are among our top picks from some of the most popular and exciting bots in the artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbot marketing space.

Popular social media bots

World Health Organization Health Alert

It should come as no surprise that a bot centered around health alerts was a popular pick in a year dominated by the spread of a seemingly uncontrollable virus. The World Health Organization (WHO) Health Alert bot, launched in March 2020 on the popular messaging program WhatsApp, was designed to help users combat misinformation and confusion spreading across social media.

Capable of responding to users' questions and queries while utilizing an emoji-processing system, this social media bot is capable of being used by a wide range of users—from busy essential workers needing quick updates to those at home requiring detailed assistance. Additionally, this bot is available in several languages, allowing a greater number of users to access crucial information.

Bank of America's Erica

As users become more comfortable allowing chatbots to handle their personal data, it became a necessary extension for companies and brands in the financial sector to provide this option for customers. Companies looking for a gold standard should check out Bank of America's Erica. This chatbot was developed to provide users with a clear and concise brand ambassador that could translate technical, financial jargon into intelligible language for the everyday user.

Capable of harnessing predictive analytics and natural language processing (NLP), Erica enables mobile users to check their account balances, make transactions, and even receive help on budgeting and saving, thanks to a connection with the Bank of America knowledge base. This bot truly does it all and is quickly proving how bright the future of chatbots is for the banking industry.

HelloFresh's Freddy

A hit-upstart in the meal-preparation industry, HelloFresh has completely changed how customers interact with their food. And, thanks to its new chatbot, Freddy, the company is also making big waves in the chatbot marketing sphere.

For anyone who has trouble deciding what to eat for dinner, Freddy is here to help. By just typing a dish or ingredient, customers are rewarded with Freddy searching the Hello Fresh directory to find a recipe that matches their requests, resulting in significant time savings. After Freddy was implemented, HelloFresh saw a 76 percent decrease in its response times, while also noting a 47 percent increase in incoming messages, revealing how the simple addition of a chatbot can dramatically improve a business's customer service experience.

WestJet's Juliet

Although air travel has hit record lows over the past year, airlines’ customer service teams have been stretched to the extremes. For WestJet, its bot, Juliet, has helped manage this massive influx in requests while helping to ensure that customer satisfaction remains high.

Built with NLP power and deployed on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Messenger, and Google Assistant, Juliet helps answer users’ questions on everything from flight status to baggage and airline guidelines. In a time period when consumers have been increasingly nervous and anxious about all things related to travel, Juliet is there to provide a serene and informative experience, helping to reassure WestJet's customers and to shore up their loyalty to the airline.

What makes a popular social media bot?

In many ways, bots are providing such novel solutions that many marketers regard them as a must-have for businesses' social media. But what makes the bots we discussed powerful social media bots? For businesses looking to implement chatbot marketing, there are some important attributes to keep in mind.

Allow for quicker purchases

In e-commerce, speed of purchasing is key. Providing a responsive and agile site is essential to helping ensure that browsing visitors are converted into paying customers. Fortunately, the future of chatbots revolves around incorporating payment and purchasing options into all varieties of e-commerce sites.

Offer quicker access to information

No customer wants to feel as though your brand is purposefully obfuscating information, nor do they want to wade through confusing sections of product details that don't apply. Thanks to social media bots, brands are unlocking new ways to help customers expeditiously and efficiently find the answers to their questions. A social media marketer who is incorporating a chatbot into their platforms should be sure that the bot is not only easy to use but also is able to provide customers with answers to real questions and concerns.

Convert visitors into customers

Efficiently converting passing visitors into repeat customers is one of the largest draws of incorporating a chatbot into a social media site. By focusing on particular elements of bot design, a good bot can be turned into a powerful tool for developing your audience and increasing your ROI.

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