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Why an AI Meme Generator Is the Newest Internet Obsession

Memes have been at the center of pop culture for years, but the recent emergence of AI-generated memes has changed the entire game. Find out how these hilarious photos are created and why they're taking over the internet!

By Adam Westin
July 14, 2020

Over the last few years, memes have revolutionized the way people use social media. Especially among the younger generations, memes are often used as a form of both communication and entertainment—which may be why people are going crazy over AI-generated memes.

In short, internet memes are curated images that usually consist of a popular graphic and a clever caption. People create and share all different kinds of memes to convey different emotions, events, jokes, criticisms, and humor. Although memes are not necessarily the most challenging creations, an artificial intelligence (AI) meme generator alleviates all pressure to be witty or clever. Enter: This Meme Does Not Exist, the newest internet obsession.

This Meme Does Not Exist by Imgflip has revolutionized the way memes are created. As the first of its kind, this AI meme generator creates hilarious memes based on little to no user input. Although not every meme makes total (if any) sense, this cool new tool is always learning and keeps users on their toes.

How to use the Imgflip AI meme generator

To start, select an image from Imgflip’s bank of 48 popular meme templates. There’s an option to add prefix text, like a name or subject, to guide the caption generation. As soon as you click a template, the meme is created—and voilà! You have your very own meme. If the meme is not up to par, or you just want to see what else the machine will spit out, there’s a handy Refresh button with unlimited clicks. Switch up the image or prefix as many or as few times as you wish—the generator has endless captions ready for your amusement.

These are a couple of AI-generated memes with no input prefixes. Although they might not make total sense, the representation of common human-made memes is pretty impressive.

Behind the scenes of Imgflip memes

So, what’s the method to the magic? This Meme Does Not Exist is powered by a neural network, which was trained with public images made by humans on Imgflip’s meme generator. Based on deep learning from the training data, algorithms, and the model design, meme text is generated in the form of captions.

Imgflip warns users that the training data was not filtered for profanity, so there’s always the possibility of inappropriate language on their AI-generated memes. If that’s not for you, consider sticking to memes created by humans. (Users have run into quite a bit of profanity and potentially offensive jokes while playing with the meme generator.)

Next steps for AI-generated memes

Imgflip memes continue to gain popularity, and meme culture may be radically different in just a few years. Some sources believe that future memes will consist of only those generated by AI. But others argue that nothing will ever beat the humor and relatability of memes made by humans. One thing is for certain: AI meme generators will continue to provide endless entertainment to their users.