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2022 Digital Trends in AI Self-Service by NLX

Let's take a look at interesting case studies from our partners at that are pushing the evolution of the self-service landscape and why they’re important for most online businesses:

October 11, 2022

Customers often prefer to find solutions to their problems themselves rather than having to speak with a customer service agent. By providing them with ways to solve their problems, a brand is simplifying the customers’ interactions and reducing the effort they have to make.

Self-service, quick-service and retail, in general, are rapidly changing industries with massive shifts in their operating model. Many of these shifts are the result of changes in behavior and even the rise of autonomous, AI-powered everything.

Today, we will look at just some interesting case studies from our partners at that are pushing the evolution of the self-service landscape and why they’re important for most online businesses:

1. Zeel Case Study: Taking A Step Toward Automation

The Problem

Zeel offers “last mile” care that delivers peace of mind where and when it’s needed, whether via medical testing, injury recovery, or freedom from pain. However, when patients called to schedule an appointment, very little was automated. The last-mile care provider found itself sending 80% of calls to voicemail! This was particularly an issue for new veteran referrals needing to navigate through a very specific process and set of requirements.

The Solution

NLX offered Zeel a quick solution for new veteran referrals to assist in scheduling appointments using the Conversations by NLX platform. This allowed for automation of the internal intake process and assisted the patient in booking a massage with ease.

Furthermore, Zeel customers enjoy an always-available solution with no-wait time, self-pacing, and the ability to interact with the smart assistant in the context of what they’re seeing on screen.

2. Mon Cheri Case Study: Embracing Personalization

The Problem

Mon Cheri Bridals is a B2B bridal and special occasion supplier for more than 1500 retailers and bridal shops across the U.S. and Canada. As COVID-19 restrictions were lifted in 2022, Mon Cheri experienced a major uptick in business as orders began flooding in. The dramatic uptick in business resulted in a major uptick in customer inquiries to Mon Cheri’s call center, resulting in long hold times and customer frustration.

The Solution

Through a Conversations by NLX demo, they were able to help the bridal distributor reduce hold times, extend hours of service, and improve customer satisfaction through voice, chat, and multimodal automation for common customer inquiries.

Not only could NLX help augment Mon Cheri’s customer relations, but NLX could help Mon Cheri further harvest recent investments in back-end business management software.

3. United Airlines Case Study: A Love For Multimodal Conversational AI

The Problem

United Airlines found particular segments of their population of travelers who were technologically savvy, though when it came to travel, they became a little nervous when booking the right flight, hotel, or rental car, and often found themselves spending too much time finding the perfect deal.

This is where the initial conversations with NLX began to use the voice AI capabilities to walk them through step by step on how to do things.

The Solution

Today, United Airlines is delivering a better customer experience with cloud solutions by integrating NLX services to offer a multi-modal experience through an AI bot voice AI bot that walks customers step-by-step through their service experience.

If you’d like to learn more about this, the following infographic will look at the ways that self-service trends are changing customer service.

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