Steve Worswick

Steve Worswick

Steve Worswick is the Senior AI Designer at, the world's leading conversational artificial intelligence platform. He is the creator/developer of the popular Mitsuku chatbot and has won the international Loebner Prize four times for creating the world's most humanlike conversational AI.

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The Turing Test – Time for Change?

August 1, 2019

The Holy Grail of conversational chatbot design is to create a computer program that can pass the famous Turing test—that is, to make one which is indistinguishable from a human in everyday general conversation. However, I believe that the Turing test as it currently stands has serious flaws, which I’ll discuss in this article, and I’ll offer an alternative to the test.

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AIML Tutorial: Get Your Bot to Ask Survey Questions

May 29, 2019

Bots can be developed to receive important information from customers and drive conversions.

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