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When Neural Networks Don’t Work

July 6, 2021

Neural networks are fantastic. They can do things that are way out of our human capabilities. In image processing, for instance, you have something like the This person does not exist site, where a neural net can imagine a face that doesn’t exist. Pictures, sounds, music—you name it, they can do everything. When it comes […]

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Talking to the Refrigerator: Let’s Think About Chatbot Personalities

March 26, 2021

I started creating chatbots for fun in about 2000–2001. One of them was designed only to answer my MSN Messenger when I was away from home. I designed it not to have too much intelligence (it only responded to certain words or patterns it found in the user input) but to fool my friends and […]

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Natural Language Processing in the Spanish Language: We Are South American Rockers

February 18, 2021

Whenever it comes to implementing natural language processing in Spanish, there are fewer resources and a considerable amount of obstacles. And when you have fewer resources, creativity is key.

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