Emily Rubin

Emily Rubin is a bot enthusiast and student at Emory University.

Emily’s bot talks.

Healthcare Chatbots: Your Coronavirus Fact-Checkers

April 7, 2020

As the coronavirus crisis continues, facts are crucial to public safety. Healthcare chatbots are working hard to debunk myths and to spread correct information.

Chatbot News

How Legal Chatbots Can Help You

March 19, 2020

A chatbot lawyer might seem a little scary, but legal chatbots will soon be an integral part of the legal profession.


How AI is Transforming Africa

March 5, 2020

Africa is undergoing the "Fourth Industrial Revolution" (4IR) with artificial intelligence (AI). Find out how AI is transforming Africa.

AI, NLG, and Machine Learning

AI Can Now Detect Cancer

February 4, 2020

AI cancer detection may be able to provide doctors the ability to recognize and treat the disease before it spreads.

AI, NLG, and Machine Learning