Dr. Anil Kumar Munipalli

Currently, I am engaged as a faculty at the Central University of Tamil Nadu, Thiruvarur, India. My key research interests include 1) science at the intersection of optics and condensed matter physics, especially in the area of opto-mechanics and medical physics, 2) modern techniques of machine learning & Big data analytics towards broad applications in science; prediction of materials’properties, analyzing phase transition, and soft body simulation etc.Software skills: Platforms: Windows, Linux. Programming Languages: (i) Experience in numerical calculations and simulations with FORTRAN, MATHAMATICA, MATLAB & PYTHON, (ii) experience in simulating dynamics of open quantum systems: Quantum optics toolbox in MATLAB, Quantum toolbox in Python (QuTiP). Other soft skills acquired from e-learning portals: (IBM-data University /Coursera): Python for data science, Big data, and Hadoop, Machine learning.