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Payment Processing With Your Chatbot

March 12, 2019

Setting up chatbot payments is partly about the payment system and partly about the shopping experience. Find out whether it makes more sense to build your own payment system or integrate a third-party platform. And learn how top brands are combining chatbot user engagement with seamless online payments.

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Chatbot Security: Putting Customer Privacy First

March 5, 2019

If you’re building a chatbot, it pays to prioritize customer privacy. Whether prompted or unprompted, users can—and will—share sensitive information with your chatbot. Find out how to optimize bot security, safeguard user privacy, and secure user data, all while delivering a grade A+ chatbot experience.

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Tracking These KPIs Can Help Your Chatbot Succeed

February 26, 2019

What KPIs are important for improving chatbot performance? By tracking these KPIs, you can discover what’s working for your users—and what isn’t.

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What Are Chatbot Slots, and How Do You Define Them for Your Bot?

February 12, 2019

Chatbot slots, or entities, are variables you give your bot to categorize and interpret user input. Once you've established your chatbot's intents, you'll need to define and fill your chatbot slots. Check out our guide for defining, structuring, and filling your chatbot slots to improve your bot user experience.

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How to Write a Successful Script for Your Bot

February 5, 2019

The writer/personality designer of a bot should be someone who understands the end user or customer and their UX. This can be but isn’t always a developer. As a developer, if you don’t write it yourself, who should? If you write it yourself, here’s some advice on how to best do that.

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Generate Real Estate Leads with Chatbots

January 29, 2019

In the world of real estate, time really does equal money. As a chatbot developer, this is where you come in—if an agent is not in the office and a client has an urgent question, a chatbot can answer immediately. In this article, learn how to create a chatbot that will help you qualify real estate leads.

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How to Get Your Bot Discovered

January 22, 2019

Bots have conquered the internet and are now responsible for 52 percent of all web traffic. Companies like Amazon and Hipmunk have used chatbots for years, and more businesses are now adopting bots into their marketing solutions. So where are these bots being used, and how can you get yours discovered?

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Coding Your Bot: Do You Need to Learn Python?

September 28, 2020

Python is an ideal language for programming chatbots because it has functions that other coding languages don’t. We discuss the benefits of coding a bot in Python in this article.

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Building Bots with Botkit

July 23, 2019

Explore what’s involved in building bots with Botkit, a Node-based chatbot development framework that makes it easy to build bots for a variety of communication channels. Part of the Microsoft Bot Framework, Botkit works with Microsoft LUIS AI or any natural language processing (NLP) engine you choose to integrate.

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A Guide to Building Bots for WhatsApp

May 28, 2019

If you’re wondering how to build a WhatsApp bot, this guide has the details. Start using the WhatsApp Business API to build a bot that serves your customers.

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Guide to Messaging Apps Chatbot: Slack bots

June 4, 2019

Get a head start on building your chatbot app for Slack. This guide explores the unique features of Slack bots, reviews use cases, and covers framework integrations.

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Building Chatbots with Dialogflow

May 14, 2019

The Google Dialogflow chatbot-building framework comes with machine learning capabilities, built-in NLP features, and integrations with popular communication channels. Explore our Dialogflow guide, which covers the pros and cons, unique features, chatbot examples, and pricing information for this chatbot framework.

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