How to Register a .BOT Domain

July 20, 2022

There are many reasons why registering your bot with Amazon Web Services (AWS) is beneficial for visibility and credibility. Let’s dive into the benefits of registering your bot with AWS.

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Chatbot Intent and Entities

Denis Rothman, Artificial Intelligence Author, Speaker and Instructor, partnered with Discover.Bot to speak on chatbot intent and entities, walking through a demonstration of how to use Discover.Bot to promote your professional or personal brand in this video.

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How to Create Trustworthy AI

As society has entered a race to develop more artificial intelligence implementations in various sectors like education, healthcare, and more, many people have questioned the downsides of technology such as the ability to mimic human cognitive functions, showcase emotions and empathy, and potential mistakes and errors in implementation.

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AI-powered technologies offer multiple advantages across different sectors and are constantly evolving to deliver smooth communications and increase user engagement. Nowadays, businesses have adopted a range of built-in products and services that can help them assist with their heir marketing and customer service experiences.

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5 Best Practices for Chatbot Experience

How can you optimize the chatbot experience? We spoke with Hillary Black, Conversation Designer, Brand Marketer & Conversation AI Content Creator, and Discover.Bot partner to share her best practices for chatbot experience.

Why You Should Give Your Chatbot a .BOT Domain

With a dedicated .BOT domain, bot developers have the perfect medium to drive engagement with users of their products, thereby building consumer trust for both their bots and their companies. Additionally, when you register a .BOT domain, you become part of a community of developers through Amazon’s site!

Top Three Benefits of Using a .BOT Domain

Because bots must go through a validation process when signing up for a .BOT domain, getting a .BOT domain makes your bot stand out from the crowd. Having a .BOT domain shows you are serious about bot development and the success of your products.

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White man humanoid creating artificial intelligence 3D rendering

White man humanoid on blurred background creating artificial intelligence 3D rendering

Chat with Your Therapist, Mr. Bot

June 3, 2021

Current scenario of mental healthcare services Mental health disorders were at an all-time high in 2019. A report published the same year by the World Economic Forum on mental health estimated that the mortality caused by these disorders can cost the global economy around $16 trillion by 2030. And, then, we were hit by the […]

Bots for Business
Bots for Business

Guide to Messaging Apps Chatbot: Slack bots

Get a head start on building your chatbot app for Slack. This guide explores the unique features of Slack bots, reviews use cases, and covers framework integrations.

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Building Bots with Botkit

Botkit is a chatbot framework that integrates with a variety of communication channels. Part of the Microsoft Bot Framework, Botkit works with any NLP service.

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A Guide to Building Bots for Viber

Viber Messenger has a lot to offer bot developers. With broad adoption worldwide and extensive developer tools, there are few limits to what you can build.

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A Guide to Building Bots for Telegram

Known for its privacy standards, Telegram Messenger is also home to countless chatbots. Use the Telegram Bot API to deploy your bot to 200 million active users.

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Building Bots with the Rasa Framework

Rasa is an open source chatbot framework with a powerful NLU engine. Using Rasa, you can build contextual AI assistants that communicate via text or voice.

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A Guide to Building Bots for WeChat

If you’re building bots for a Chinese audience, the WeChat app is where you want to be. Learn about building bots for China’s most popular messaging app.

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A Guide to Building Bots for LINE Messaging App

LINE is one of the most popular messaging apps across Asia. LINE offers bot developers a robust API, multiple SDKs, and straightforward integrations.

Give your bot a home.

You built it. You taught it. Now give it a home to grow on a .bot domain.

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