8 Steps to a Better Chatbot

June 26, 2018

If building a chatbot seems like a daunting task, start with this simple 8-step checklist for building a bot. It’s not as complicated as you might think.

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12 Bots to Integrate in Slack Today

Slack is one of the top platforms for bot integration to share everything from tasks to gifs with colleagues. Read about 12 Slackbots you can add today.

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8 Lessons We Learned from the World’s Most Famous Bots

New bots are built on the success of famous bots ELIZA from 1966 and A.L.I.C.E. from 1995. Keep these 8 tips in mind to improve your bot development approach.

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Happy woman using smartphone at modern coffee shop, she chatting Online Messaging on mobile phone. copy space

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Feeling Lonely? These Chatbots Will Keep You Company

Humans are creating chatbots, or bots, to keep other humans company instead of, well, human company. No, it’s not an episode of Black Mirror, and it’s not even a new phenomenon. In fact, the first bot, ELIZA, went live in 1966. Fast forward a few decades, and communication via technology is already embedded in the way of life of an entire generation.

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Designing Personality: How Bots Express Themselves Through Language

Developers and companies are building bots to sound more like humans, Using these personality design components can improve user experience with your chatbots.

Chat bot, robot hand with icons

Chat bot, robot hand with icons

Bot Basics

Define and Design Intents for Your Bot

Every time you speak or type to a bot you are issuing an 'intent'. Everything from your initial greeting to questions about whether you'll need an umbrella on Saturday qualifies as an intent. Learn more about the different kinds of intents and how to design them for your bot.

Bot Basics

Design Utterances for Your Bot

An utterance is a piece of your bot’s overall dialog. Just like your customers issue utterances to your bot every time they type a word or phrase, your bot sends utterances back as responses. Learn how to design your bot’s utterances to determine it's tone and personality and make it stand out against the competition

Functions of Bots

April 10, 2018

The ability of bots to accomplish different types of tasks is evolving and increasing rapidly. You can get a bot to manage projects in your Slack channel, get the weather, discover new music or tell you a dad joke. Here are a few things that bots can do.

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Serverless Computing Simplifies Chatbot Maintenance

Serverless computing is a great solution for hosting your bot. Here’s the history and why.


4 Proven Ways to Get Your Bot Discovered

So you’ve built an awesome new chatbot, now what? You need to break through the noise and get your bot discovered so you can grow your user base.

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How Apps are Pushing Bots into the Mainstream

Conversational marketing and messaging apps are pushing bots into the everyday. Learn about some of the benefits of integrating chatbots in messaging apps.

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What Chatbot Communities to Join in 2018

Do you know where to find other bot developers to talk shop and share your knowledge? If not, start with this list of our favorite bot development communities.

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How to reserve a .BOT domain using Pandorabots

In this step-by-step guide you’ll learn how to create your first bot using a Pandorabots account, deploy your bot, and reserve a .BOT domain for your site.

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Service Chatbots: How Voice Recognition Is Making Them More Sophisticated

Voice recognition and deep learning are paving the way for bots to replace humans in customer service. Learn about the challenges facing bot developers today.

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